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Forum Topic - My favourite Pizza

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Jul 27 2015 06:57 AM

Subject: My favourite Pizza

Pizzas are hit and miss in Kathmandu. While Fire and Ice and Roadhouse Cafe are the big boys, Pizza Hut is average at best, and most other restaurants serve the Italian delight as an afterthought. Himalayan Pizza, the newest kid in town, has finally arrived with a mission to transform the Valley’s pizzascape.
Boasting a delivery service anywhere in or around Thamel, Himalayan enjoys the distinction of being run by a genuine Italian manager, as well as having a chef who has plied his trade around the world. The influence shows on the menu, which includes not only traditional Italian favourites, but also an inventive ‘fusion’ selection with toppings native to the particular region of Nepal that the pizzas are named after. For exampl

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