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Forum Topic - Whirlpool Auto Graphite Washing Machine in Nepal.

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Jul 27 2015 01:39 AM

Subject: Whirlpool Auto Graphite Washing Machine in Nepal.

The Whirlpool 360 Degree Bloom Wash 7.2 Kg Top Loading Fully Auto Graphite Washing Machine is a fully automatic washing machine which provides you with a hassle free washing experience. It has a load capacity of 8 kgs, allowing you to wash a large number of clothes at once, conserving water and electricity. The machine features twenty-six wash programs, allowing you to configure the machine to wash various types of clothes with ease. It adjusts water level and detergent quantity as well as the wash timing based on the fabric selection and load for the optimal usage of resources. The washing machine features Whirlpool 360 Degree Bloomwash.

It also boasts of hot catalytic soak function that uses just one-third of the water compared t

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