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Forum Topic - Maternity child services needing help in Kathmandu?

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Jul 08 2012 10:34 AM

Author: Jacqui F
Subject: Maternity child services needing help in Kathmandu?

My daughter has been volunteering near gorabathan for last 6 weeks and is about to move to Kathmandu for her final 2 weeks before retuning to uk. She is trying to find a clinic/maternity/peadiatric provider in the less poverished areas that would welcome some help. Even cleaning help! She has run education programme on health etc in west Africa and has lots and lots of energy and a drive to assist. My problem is all the clinics I find on the web either want to charge her or do not appear in need of help. She has accomodation booked in lazimpat and will feed herself, we are just looking for the right project to get her time for free. Any ideas welcomed. Thank you

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