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Forum Topic - where to find female gynecologist kathmandu

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Nov 07 2011 08:39 AM

Subject: where to find female gynecologist kathmandu

where to find female gynecologist kathmandu
Mar 23 2016 07:51 PM

Manish S
Re: where to find female gynecologist kathmandu

To find the doctors in Nepal (esp, around Kathmandu valley) , search 'gynecologist' in . They will give you a list of doctors (in your case gynecologists) around you, their contact number, OPD hours if available, their workplaces. From there you can easily choose female gynecologist by guessing from their names.

You can directly go to the following link:!/search/?q='gynecologist'&page=1&lat=27.69450207629036&lon=85.31442885661933

In order to get exact distance of the doctor workplace from you, you need to set your location correctly or allow the browser to auto detect your location. You can also use mobile app, and use gps/wifi to set your location more accurately.

You can also search for doctors with any specialisation or any other useful things like ATM, bank, movies, restaurant, etc from .

Happy nLocating !!

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