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Pasupatinath Temple

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Directions: Located on the banks of the Bagmati river
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This holy site is 6 km. east oil down town Kathmandu. Regular bus and taxi services are easily available from a city points

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  Rabi S
Enchanting site 
Posted on Sun 20 May 2012

The present temple of Pashupatinath is a very good example of Nepalese Pagoda style temple. However the site is prehistoric and his existence is mentioned even in 'Mahabharata'. The oldest stone inscription found in the premises was from around 3rd century.
The main entrance is from the west. 50 m before the main entrance, there is a shrine of 'Adishankar'. It is believed that he brought a priest from south India for the daily rituals in 9th century. Even in these days the main priest at the temple is south Indian.
The temple is supposed to have 4 silver doors and gold pinnacle. Right in the front lies huge bronze bull, the Nandi. Beside the 'Jyotirlingam' in the main sanctum, there several important temples like 'Unmatta Bhairav' .....

Religious place  
Posted on Mon 22 Jul 2019

Every time when I visited this holy place Pashupatinath Temple, I feel purified, religious and recharged by body with positive energy.
Please don"t forget to visit this place when you are in the Kathmandu, Nepal. .....

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