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Directions: about 3k.m. west of down town Kathmandu
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The Stupa of Swoyambhunath is said to have been built around 250 B.C. There are two different ways to reach for this site. One is from the west side which is relatively a short cut and another is from the east side where it leads to the main entrance with 360 steps leading all the way to the top, where the most venerated Swayambhu Stupa stands-commanding a magnificent view of Kathmandu Valley and the breathtaking panorama of the north eastern Himalayan range.

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  Rabi S
Peaceful and offers great view of Kathmandu 
Posted on Sun 20 May 2012

The Stupa is one of the landmark of Kathmandu. In the western corner of Kathmandu, it sits on a 70 m hillock overlooking the valley. This is existing in the legends and chronologies from the prehistoric time among locals. The architecture is typical to Nepal with its 'all seeing eyes of Buddha' centered by third eye and a 13 ringed canopy over it representing the 13 levels of consciousness one must acquire to get to the enlightenment at the top. At the base of white dome, the Stupa has niches for five Meditation Buddha,-Pancha Dhyani Buddha.
The Shyambhunath hilltop is complex of temples and monasteries. the most notice worthy are Ajima (Harati) temple, Santipur and the Dipankar Buddha. The pagoda style temple of Ajima is mostly offered.....

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